Monday, October 29, 2007

let there be pink.

in all efforts of embracing my 'grown-up'-ness! and my impending old age, i decided that 25 years in a pink environment may be quite enough! especially since every single object that i previously owned was pink if there was an option!!! so i intentionally wanted my room painted white. something different right? no more princessy-glittery-tulle canopy nonsense!! good lord! enough of acting cutesy. grow up will ya?

but seriously, its not a girly stereotype i swear. i conciously tried to venture into the maroons and aquas but ultimately, powder light pinks still make me go ga-ga. there is just this thing about baby pink that irrationally makes me go "i want!!" anywhos... i digress.

so back to why im writing this.

as i sit in my supposed white room, i start to see how its actually very very light pink!! especially in the evening light, i swear my eyes are either playing a trick on me or the 'orchid white' i picked was actually light pink~!! *the horrors! even the painting uncle willed my room to be pink???*

i guess its a sign. pink it shall be. cant fight forces of nature right?

can you tell im rather bored to have time to blog about the slight difference between white and orchid white?


  1. I agree about the pink part.
    I can't resist buying pink stuffs.. & I adore all strawberry related food even if the strawberry aint tt fantastic sometimes..

  2. LOl. you're just like my sis. she loves pink too!
    and i think pink suits you. so, who cares about growing up? who say grown-ups can't like the colour pink?? =p

  3. Ohmygosh!! i have a buddy in you! im also crazy about strawberry flavored everything!!!
    *tsk* girls shall always be girls!

  4. i don't know.. always associate pink to baby gal! time for a change!!!
    at least i don't wear all pink clothes anymore!


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