Wednesday, October 24, 2007


on a late night movie n bak chor mee run, i witness my first accident, tv/movie scenes excluded.. it felt kinda freaky and helpless. a drunk driver, presumably or someone that drove worse that myself, was swerving and driving on the curb, subsequently crashing into the railings. probably totaled his car. and an expensive car at that. couldn't do anything but pulled over at the gas station, called the police to report the sighting and waited around to see someone climb out of the vehicle. but no one did. 

in times like that, i have no clue if im supposed to go check on the driver and do what?? i cant CPR for nuts, keeping calm is also not my forte and i'll probably faint at the first hint of blood. so we did what was the most logical, continue our search for bak chor mee..

oh! talk about late night cruising.. i realized that when you get judged by what you drive.. and no we're not referring to a passing glance. a long and shameless stare down most of the time! was zipping around town in airy's new ride and caught so many peeps staring at her car.(and a portion of them, at her leggy assets) in fact they would speed up just to look in.. weird people! i still think my fav car to ride in would still be the little cheery mini who never fails to put a smile to my face. (hey! we're talking about the car here. stop raising your brows, airy!!)

and i digress

i hope the driver last night is ok and safe.


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