Tuesday, September 11, 2007


we were just talking over cocktails last night how it stinks that im going to miss fall.. in my opinion, its the prettiest time of the year... everything changes into hues of fiery reds, warm ambers and deep oaky browns. last year at the time, we took a long drive down the bendy roads of blue ride mountains to see the leaves turn orange. it was the most breathtakingly beautiful sight ever.

and i'll miss wearing jeans with cosy sweater and boots.. and my house smelling like spicy pumpkin scents!! (like it always does around halloween..) had to pry myself away from the candy aisle in target yesterday before i buy myself a pound of halloween candy cos there won't be any trick or treaters at my doorstep this year...

this morning when i woke up and the weather was so pretty. gone was the summer heat waves there was beautiful blue sky and cool breeze with the sun. peeked out of the window and MY tree has one bright red leaf in sight. as if to say "thats for you!"


  1. OH NO!!!
    shit!! he found out my blog... guess he was really keen in finding out how i am. and tat comment from anonymous that said sorri was from him!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now he IS ecstatic!!

  2. Re: OH NO!!!
    you had it all over your msn!! of course he will find out! silly gal..


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