Monday, September 10, 2007

last week...

completely forgot about these pictures from last week's party! my going away party at stef's new place! in the hampton(s)!!

we had burgers and hotdogs, and grilled out on a little bud grille and had all sorts of party food and of course beer pong to end the evening. stef & daddy has (4) kitty cats, (2) huge dogs and (1) fishy! it was a zoo.. and lotsa fun. the festivities went on till 2am in the morning... no incriminating pictures of the not-so-young & wild..

this is marlin! who wasn't very thrilled to get his picture taken!

lorreine & koko's fabulous crab & mushroom balls!

me, lorreine & stef in her backyard

mommy finding momy's new hairdo a great place to file nails!

wool-less see!

she's gonna hate me for posting this picture! told her to give me an innocent lil gal look...

as the evening proceeded, the dog house doubled up as a beer bin.

koko & zhing...

absent from pictures, jodi, mike, amos, jessie & katherine who arrived after the camera died on me... too much fun!!!


  1. Yea, looks like lotsa fun! and girl, your highlight is very pretty!! :)

  2. i was going to say... it looks very very LIAN.. need to fix it when i come home!

  3. LOL!you think so? Then I must be a lian in the closet coz I think it's really very stylo and nice! :D


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