Thursday, September 13, 2007

waking up a-la-american mode..

also reads the"too many calories" way but seriously, how many mornings can i wake up and have steph's lovely company, starbucks and krispy kreme fresh only a mere 5 mins away from each other??

sleepy-eyed cubicle buddies enjoying early morning venti cappucinos and some time pouring over my scrapbook..subsequently getting teary-eyed over what some people wrote but since we weren't dressed to impress in the first place and no runny mascaras to worry about, who cares about a little boohoo over breakfast!!

girlie, nab the ring and i'll have an excuse to fly back to attend your wedding! =)

*whoops in joy*

how cute are the football shaped ones!?! ( the college football season started so they are having limited edition ones)

sinking my teeth into pure bliss...

on a more serious note, if anyone opens a KK in singapore, i promise i will buy so many that it will pay for your kids' college education.. ok im exagerrating!!


  1. Wow this is *BLISS*!! how envious i am! and you're finally working on your scrappy stuff?? show me when done! =D
    ohh those donuts are making my stomach growl! *drools*

  2. no.. quite the contrary.. this scrapbook was made by my work friends.. they put together a scrap book of my 18 mths with them and wrote in it like an autograph book...
    will post pictures of it.. i still cant look at it entire without tearing up..

  3. Ohh, that is so sweet of them!! you're blessed! :) I'll be looking forward to the pictures! :D


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