Thursday, August 16, 2007

shooting some hoops..

we just did a basketball theming for a local-bank dinner!! it was a whole lot of fun cos a whole bunch of carnival basketball related games were set up around the room and i got to test it out before the clients entered!! only to conclude that im just as hopeless as i was in secondary school... but i love it when clients opt to go with the more creative "out of the box" themes! just something refreshingly fun to deal with than the regular boring dinners!!

the centerpieces consisted of gerbera daisies, half a cut up basketball and half of a converse sneaker (brand new of course..) and i loved the ice bar!!!

activities for the evening include mock magazine cover photoshoots.. (they superimpose backdrop of a bball court and fans onto your picture!), marching band and some cheerleading performance from the local college..

fun fun fun!! =)

countdown ticker till my last day of work... 15!!


  1. Wow fun fun fun!! how interesting is the theme!! i'm sure you'll gonna miss all this fun when you're back.. the folks there are just so adventurous! :)
    ohh, and who gets to keep the sneakers?? :p

  2. hahaha they are all odd sizes like size 13 or 15!! so no one does.. we saved it for the next bball theme...

  3. boo! y u always get to do fun things like these?! dept's employing! u may wanna try ur luck to write in as catering sales executive or something. my ex-boss gg over to somewhere in cityhall (u ask me thru email then i tell u) dun go there k?!
    oh yesh...wanted to ask if you have any wedding brochures or collaterals from ur place to send me=D

  4. YES!!! eups!! i do!! okok i'll email you!! =) *bounce*
    i have wedding brochures what do you want specifically and which address to send to?


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