Thursday, August 16, 2007


sometimes in my job, its hard to not get emotionally involved. maybe not so much on my part but on the part of the brides and their moms.. i suddenly become their next best friends or bored neighbour that is 'dying' to hear the latest family update. 


just spent an ENTIRE hour on the phone with a MOB (mother of bride) reassuring her that we have everything in place, describing in great lengths how the room would look, listening to her latest change in outfit choice, running through an hour by hour weather report for the last 10 days (so we can forecast whats going to happen 2 weeks from now???)... woah! and all the chit-chat is giving me a splitting headache..

and at the end of her conversation, she said "ok then! i'll call you later this week!!" , and i chirpily responded "ok, Mrs XXX! Have a wonderful day!" and she said "love you!!!!" 

*silence* what am i supposed to say??? to a client's mom !?!? someone i have met twice in my entire life but spent more time on the phone than my own dad?

so i said "love you too!!!!" 

ah! all in a day's work...


  1. that is adorable and so like you to reply! i would have done the same. :) lol.

  2. really though.. what else can i say???? one of those "suck it up" situations..


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