Friday, August 17, 2007

more about work..

he is an older guy planning his wife's memorial. he picked everything, down to the linen, the room, the music, the menu, the invites and the flowers.. all while she was still lying in bed, severely ill with breast cancer..

it was really sad when everytime i meet him. he would come into these site visits well dressed and composed but bit by bit you can see him breaking apart. he speaks of her with such high praise. he constantly mentions "let me take a picture for her to see tonight.." and he refers to her passing as "when she walks away from me..". it just breaks my heart.

before he left, he held my hands and said "i wished she could have met you.."

yesterday, she passed away. and like promised, he called me first. before the kids.

i asked. "are you ok, sir?" he said he was prepared. he had everything planned, only waiting for the day to come.

he didn't quite answer my question.. but in me, i already knew the answer.


  1. i know.. how very unprofessional though.
    think i'll set the event and leave before the ceremony starts..

  2. mm...otherwise u'll be v v upset for quite a while i think. i imagine myself watching it in the movies and i already wanna cry.

  3. its my first memorial.. hopefully i can deal with it when in the next one to come!
    wedding i also tear a lot *roll eyes* first dance, walk down the aisle, when the mother cry.. machiam im the one getting married..

  4. gosh.. this is so sad.. my heart aches when i read this. :(

  5. i know.. =(
    c'est la vie.. *shrugs*


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