Tuesday, August 7, 2007

cozy home for my cammy...

my first crumpler was a present from yehao (thank you very much..) he said pick what i like so i did!!! (im a very expensive friend to have..) but when i got my spanking new camera, i decided a needed a home for it so it won't get bumped and scratched!!

look what i chose!!! i was so darn excited when i saw that the thirsty AL (size S) fit my camera to a T!! perfect snug fit! even the top pockets were perfect for the extra camera card! i love it! =)

and guess what it was only $8.99 with a 40 % off!!!!


  1. what a great buy!! you got it in this red colour??
    my cammy is in a 'orbit' pouch provided when I bought it. :p

  2. yes i got it in red!!!
    the one they provided was pink.. but my camera is pink as well so it was a little too much pink!


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