Wednesday, August 8, 2007

first farwell..

momma thompson & daddy thompson (noel's parents) just came by to the resort to say bye. a tad bit too early but they are going on vacation soon and didn't want to miss my departure..

such sweet people and so thoughtful!! they were my hosts for my first thanksgiving, christmas and home stayover!! wonderful parents of my gorgeous room-mates that are always so giving, so positive and supportive and always full of love and hugs. i will miss them so much!! i had to walk away fast to not start tearing in the middle of the restaurant..

i guess this is part and parcel of being a travelbug. meeting people is always fun and easy but leaving friends behind is always far too painful for me..


  1. aww they are so sweet..It's so fortunate to be able to meet wonderful pple when you're all alone far away from home. :)
    when exactly are you coming back?? ;p

  2. Isee, looking forward to when you're back!! maybe we can do a pig out or something! :p


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