Sunday, August 5, 2007

cuppa happiness

yummy "snow to go" in a cup!! best thing anyone can ask for on a hot sweaty sunny afternoon!!! this was freshly brewed coffe & kahlua flavour with vanilla icecream..

let's talk about life. couple of friends i love and hang around me are goin through tough times and as much as i wanna be a listening ear and tough it out with them, its really stressful! it feels like im bringing upon their burden upon myself too causing horrid nightmares! too much negativity and bad air.. feels like we all need a loong vacation away from real life!!!

on the topic of vacation... 1 month later, i'd be chilling in Miami! =) sweeet! woohoo!!!


  1. Ah!!! the vanilla ice-cream look SOOOO smooth and creamy!! yum yum..
    ohh, you're goin to miami?? that's nice!! i'll be looking forward to your pics!! :D

  2. yes will certainly take lotsa pictures!!!


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