Monday, July 23, 2007

arrrrrr matey!!!

very belated pictures from koko's bday party! it was a post-work friends-only party @ Backfin Seafood Restaurant. when me and lorreine went on a site visit coupla months ago, we knew it was the perfect location for the pirate themed party! even before we dress it up, it already has the nautical theme going.. and the food was awesome! they had the best hush puppies and crab legs! yummy!!!

we sent the birthday boy on a treasure hunt prior to the party!! so we had time to get there before he did!!!


i was super late from dropping the girls and picking marcin up!! this is me in a pseudo-calm & pretty mode while yelling "hurry up will ya??"

all dolled up ready for the festivities!! =) this was supposed to be an angry fierce pirate shot. and obviously jodi & katherine have their own definition of fierce. *roll eyes*

the beautiy and the ugly pirate!!

me and katie-poo who is the happiest spirit on earth! she always has a great story to share or something fun to do!

lorreine hamming up to a very disinterested marcin..

me and stef!

finally!!! happy birthday, cackles or koko (short for his last name kokolis..)!!! check out the awesome home-made funfetti cake that Jenny painstakingly decorated! i find it hard to believe he is only 25 years old!

awww. huggies from the 25-yr old babies in the office..

i love this picture! (can you tell its taken from the inside of a napkin holder roll??)

the mastermind behind the above shot! =)

we love parties!!


  1. that sure looks like a fun party and you're looking gorgeous! =)
    love that blue dress!

  2. I second kawaii-licious!! you're looking great girl!! =)

  3. Nicey Wicey
    Nice blue dress, Zhingy. Ur lookin un-piratey. And the Helium Stef video made me almost fall off my chair. It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. For a min, I thought her voice was naturally squeaky, high pitched & like Daffy Duck's. It would have been utterly devasting for her if it was. Ha

  4. Re: Nicey Wicey
    no she has a BEAUTIFUL voice. she tried out for america idol last year! =) and she is such a natural performer!!
    p.s. i know.. no one else wanted to dress piratey!!

  5. i love it too! super comfy!
    Forever 21 has the best summer dresses! =)


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