Tuesday, July 24, 2007

late luncheon

one thing wonderful about eating a late lunch is better service, shorter queues and faster food!! =) Judy and myself decided we needed some lunch so spend 2 hours navigating our way to ShortPump. yes, we got awfully lost! we passed the same signs three times till we finally found the place.

and settled down in California Pizza Kitchen! i loved the one back at home in Forum! they had the yummiest duck pizza and chicken salad! but the menu here is slightly different..still very delicious and fascinating! their pizza have the most fancy toppings i've ever seen! they had thai-chicken pizza and mexican-inspired taco pizza as well! we'll have to goi back to try them all! =)

delicous lettuce wraps. this is one of my favorites in American-Asian Bistros. its minced meat or toufoo with fresh lettuce wraps!!! hard to mess up! =) this was delicious and very light as starters!!!

and we split a white pizza (feta cheese, spinach, chicken, white sauce) which was pretty good but my stommy was still flipping from all the drama in the morning!

my partner in crime! thanks for jumping into my car on your off day with 20 mins notice for a 12 hour roadtrip without flinching.. without brushing her teeth, make up or breakfast!!! (not cos she's a dirty gal but cos her apartment didn't have water..) how would i ever find such a good friend like her??!!


  1. wow.. the food sounds great! i cant view the pics. :p and i like the california pizza at forum too!
    wat a great gf you have!! ;)

  2. now i'm hungry.. =p
    ohh, and you and your gf have the same sunny smiles! :)

  3. hahah.. birds of a feather flock together!!!

  4. judy in va
    like what I would always say....
    ANYTHING for you.... =)

  5. Re: judy in va
    awwwww.. thanks! =) i owe you dinner! strawberry farms for crab legs???


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