Friday, July 20, 2007

package in the mail..

this came in the mail today!!!

huge m&m????

check out the cool little 7-oz bags!! with cool gel pack and styrofoam box as well! (very very exorbitent prices...) *sweats*

but its all worth it!! *grins*


  1. super cute! go check it out on and they will do the mockup for you!!
    p.s. the drink dispenser was shipped to me today! (it was backordered!)

  2. YuM!
    Hey Zhingy, The M&Ms looks super dupr yummilicious. How come they've got names on it? Such werid colors tho. But my guess is tt they tasted fab!

  3. i hope the lovebirds will love it!!

  4. Re: YuM!
    they are the very same m&ms we get from stores! but these are personalized for my friends' wedding!! =)

  5. Arhhh! this is so cool!!! nice! i likey. =p im sure the lovers will like it very much too! who will bear to eat those? =D


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