Friday, April 20, 2007


its cute what you learn from kids.. Alexis & Juliana last night were the utmost cutest duo ever! really eloquent, well-spoken well mannered and fun bunch i have taken care of!! we enjoyed room service on the bed-spread, picnic style..(bad idea because we spilled ketsup & dressing on the white sheets..) and we order food enough for (5)!!! *burps*

and over chicken quesidillas, caeser salads & hotdogs, alex taught me what's a "snugglebug" is. when someone is distracted and you rub your head rigorously into the other person, "snuggling" close.. and it was so cute!! we laughed ourselves silly snuggling up to each other (now you know how the ketsup got on the sheets..) THEN jules had a brilliant idea to teach me what "chomps" is! HA-larious!!! you fish-mouth and make a smoochy sound three times before you chomp on someone's bodypart with your LIP over your teeth. no real biting, no cheating (like having (2) smoochies instead of (3)) and you must really chomp, not play pretend chomp. we totally cracked up chomping on each other's nose, fingers, knee, shoulders and totally forgot about dinner..

we made a canopy with the dirty sheets(because it was dirty so we couldn't sit on it..) and did crafts with white glue, feather & pompoms on the clean sheets...not smart idea because soon enough, jules spilled white glue in bed.. *slaps forehead* and we watch peter pan on a teenytiny DVD player until the little one fell asleep and lay in bed talking to the 5yo about life, about what we want to be, (animal trainer & wedding planner) about our parents, (funny & loving) favorite class (math and phy ed), about how many kids we want to have( two and none)...and very seriously, she sat up and responded "maybe you should. because you make me happy. and babies make you happy too." in one breath.. couldn't do anything else but give her a huge hug.. awww alex, you melted my heart...

at the end of the night i didn't want to leave. =(

yeah. maybe one day i will.. and if i do i will teach them "snugglebugs" and "chomps"!!


  1. Awwww.. that's so so sweet! and it sounds like you guys really had fun. I like the "spillin" part. I've never got to "enjoy" it before, being able to just play and not worry about what's gonna spill. that's nice.

  2. yeah, wish i could babysit them permanantly!! they were angels..


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