Wednesday, April 25, 2007

back home....

is always tonnes more comfy than any hotel room! =) just woke up from a short nap on the newly fixed hammock in the backyard! (thank you noel..) was in Washington DC for the past few nights theming the National Beer Wholesalers event in Hyatt !! its my first year there and everything was awfully exciting and new!! and Budweiser's party was looking extremely hot! (if i may say so myself..)

stopped by IKEA on our way back for my favorite american food: hotdogs! and bought the kitty cat this!

scotchie-boo yawning in his new home..


  1. You're finally back! haha.. I tot u kinda MIAed for a while. haha.. it's a cute home for the Cat. :) and it's PINK! haha.. looks like the weather is starting to warm out and you can be out in flipflops and shorts! hee.
    Missing ya!

  2. ohh.. I love hammock! *envious* and you've got a kitty! the home is kinda cute, but then im really scared of cats! =p

  3. nah.. busy weekend and travelling so i didn't get a chance to blog! but im back!! =) yeah i had a choice of blue n pink! go figure! =)

  4. yeah! we have a kitty at home.. HUGE one at that.. he pretty much stays out of my room which i like cos im SUPER picky about his long hair..
    the hammock made me giddy after a while.. but it was fun.

  5. ohh.. yah, i think cats are more independent at times.. unlike my dog, he'll bang and jump at the door for us to let him into the room..

  6. but long hair cats really shed a lot. and i really hate cat fur in my bedroom so i usually lock him out..


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