Wednesday, April 18, 2007

see whats in my tummy!!

Had a mid-week dinner date at Emerald's! *woohoo* it serves awesome thai dishes with original thai recipes with authentic chilli padi-fishy sauce!! everytime i visit this cozy sparkley joint, i will always leaf through the menu with a fine tooth comb for dishes i have not tried before and frankly, there ain't much left unconquered!

for appetizers, we had SATAY!! hilarious i love how people cant say sar-tay! easy peasy no? soo-tee?sat-aaay? weird variation of that word got me giggling uncontrollably! but it was no authentic 30cents satay!! it was good chicken breasted meat with no juicy fatty joints, grilled not bbq-ed bursting with grease. somehow it took the flavour out of this tasty morsel! and the peanut sauce was too watery and no bits of crunchy peanuts, just peanut goo... and guess what?? it was USD$5.95. not too bad compared to a regular appetizer but for 4 sticks of chicken?? that i can get from the hawker for a third of the price!! i miss singapore hawker food..

and for entree i had Drunken Noodles which was SUPERB! with a strong flavour of lemongrass and mint leaves and lotsa lotsa chilli padi!!! yummy! no pictures because it was way too dark inside. i had to beg for the satay picture to be taken with flash.. *sigh*

and i came home.. got bored.. and was wondering what i could make for dessert!! guess what i made??


yes i know.. wrong color!! but i could only find green dye, leftover from halloween cupcakes!!

YUMMY!!!! =)


  1. hahhaha you're so cute.. the colour although contempory, but at least they matches, and kinda suit your personality. colourful and bubbly from what i can see. =D
    and you made the tang yuan yourself? like knead the dough and everything?

  2. yeah!!! the dough and everything hahaha...
    i was comforting myself to say that green is like pandan color not too bad.. at least not purple or blue.. *grins*

  3. haha.. i wish!!! iron chef would hopefully have red dye, ginger and common sense that yellow and blue will make green..
    haha i should try mee siam huh? seems like we had better luck then!


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