Monday, August 21, 2006

stay-home sunday

decided not to be a spoilt brat and joined my homies in sinful cold breakfast (homemade icecream).. i indulged in a "love it"-size (medium bowl) cheesecake rendenvous which was a mish-mash of sugar cookie icecream, strawberry, blueberries & graham cracker... and spent the rest of my day on sugar high!

so guess how i spent the rest of my day??

i was down on my knees scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning sheets, packing the kitchen, emptying all the trash bins and basically every domestic chore i could lay my hands on... like an energizer bunny i went on and on for hours till everything was done.  and crashed into my fluffy newly made bed for a long nap!

woke up, ready to shop and realized dang! the stores were already closed! :(


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