Thursday, August 17, 2006

my best friend

...inspired by conversation with a friend on the golf cart yesterday

when i was little, i learnt that best friend literally meant i had to pick ONE single friend and crown her the bestest of best friends. i had trouble identifying who was consistently the best. who brought the most candy, who has the most smashing birthday party, who agreed to do the dumbest things they were challenged to do..

eventually in high school, i was in a clique (like always..) and that best friends meant that you would naturally have to pick one fav person to be closest to and the rest were just friends. because of that, i lost a great friend, celine.

and as i grew up, i learnt that when you open up your heart, there are MANY best friends around. ones that are there when the men are not, those that are there to share, heal, hurt, joke and fight with, offer you a hand when you are down.. in fact, the term best friend becomes blur, your baby cousin grows up to be your best friend, your mum turns cool and starts being a best friend, someone you were completely mean to becomes a best friend... and as you grow older (god forbid..), you start collecting them like holiday memoriabilias, one from school, one from hall, one from tuition, one from nowhere, and the possibilities go on...

ain't that idea cool?

so to the wonderful people in my life. thank you.


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