Tuesday, August 22, 2006

never though i would ever say it BUT....

too much pink!!!

i love weddings.. but sometimes the control freak in me wants grab those brides and  tell them "NO!! lime green and pumpkin oranged crushed lamour will NOT look autumn-romantic...my grandma won't even wear that combination to the market!!! " 

*snaps out of dream-mode* usually, i will nod and put on fake smile and go "great choice.. we will make it work!" and throw in one of those cheesy "wedding is once in a lifetime and it should be special, unique, all about YOU....". read: i disapprove. but if it makes you happy...

but this one was interesting. it was booked by a group doing stress management training and the organizer pretended that the ballroom booked for their corporate dinner was mistakenly double-sold to another wedding group.. and the guests had to sit through the entire ceremony and wedding.. very very painful indeed.. especially when the wedding party (all actors) were all thrashy, drunk, rowdy and very unruly...

trashy bridesmaid down the aisle. 

i love my job!
and no, i don't think hot pink is a good wedding colour!


  1. omg, i'm sure ah boy would shriek in horror if he saw this.

  2. *nods* haha.. oh! what was he home for??

  3. a short break....was around for like..2 weeks~ oh! saw xin's new bf. will email u abt it some time...hur~


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