Friday, April 21, 2006

my baby brother

awwww.. i wasn't there when the baby of the family gets all grown up and go to the army...

love you, didi!!! *hugs*

update: oops.. picture was HUGE!!!!


  1. ey? ur bro's hairdo was originally tt funky one issiT? u put all the pics together...and i thot " army finally progress into new era liao"

  2. nah.. he was being experimental. his hair was like "dao ming shi", longish jappish... *swoon*

  3. i know. i know.. it was just yesterday when he was the irritating one trying to barge into our room every 5 mins ya?? *teary look*

  4. ya.. in many ways, she is wayy funkier and more fun than i'm.
    and that was a dress down day.. *roll eyes*


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