Monday, April 24, 2006

krazies in richmond...

me and noey had so much fun!

this is what we did:

1) spent time with her momma(judie) and daddy(bill) who are such fantastic people! in their amazing home! they had the prettiest red dining room, im convinced red looks good in rooms. it makes the whole room look warmer. and her mummy had the yummiest dinner set formal-style! i was beaming throughout my whole stay. i even had a pretty blue-white vintage themed guestroom!

2) cuddled with her cats Scotch & Kelly... it was nice to wake up to a cuddley gooey mess of hair! (did nothing good to my allergies but it made me all warm and squishy inside when they curl up next to you..)Scotch is HUGE!! like bigger than Pokki and he is the first cat that actually responds to me. im in love!!

3) traded recipes & had loadsa easy looking for a recipe book now so i can put down my to-bake/make list. and they brought me to an asian shop!! i was so excited like a girl in candy shop! there were so many choices!! green beans, barley, sauces, dried mushrooms, black fungi.. sooo exciting. i swear i have become so auntie ever since i moved here. i get thrilled by dried chilli & bean sprouts *roll eyes*

4) shopping!!! (the real girlie regular sort with shoes, clothes & all) but practised loadsa self-restraint and bought ONE pair of Kennth Cole flip flops on sale! (not posting the price 'lest my dad flips.. pun unintended) *teeny voice* and a whole lot of other nitty-gritty essentials..

5) went to church and they were having a "all-music" worship session so the whole service was in songs and the ringing of church bells to commence ceremony and end service was done using hangbells! real interesting experience...

6) put couple of nice cds on and had a nice looong drive to Richmond city, the funky shops in Carytown, around the interstates and back to good ole williamsburg..

im feeling all geared up for a good week ahead!! au revior!! *beams*


  1. hehehee dear reading ur entries always makes me smile.
    do showcase ur newest buys soon! kenneth cole always has the nicest things.

  2. hehe... that's great that i can put a smile on your face babe!! hahaha..
    i will!! i will... the amount of things i own is starting to be overwhelming. i think i need a new storage cabinet..


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