Wednesday, April 19, 2006

medical knowledge needed

Question: can you take 'western' medication and chinese hearbal stuff at the same time?

Both types were taken to combat my cold and sore throat but now they are in combat mode, against each other!! i wanna get better soon cos i don't want to be sent home from work. i think it's the sudden changes in weather that creating havoc in my immune system.


  1. i hear it isnt encouraged. as the reaction between the chemicals and herbs may not be good... hence a supposed 4 or 6 hour window period for alternate consumption...
    stick to one form i guess ?
    take care babe.

  2. Aiyoh what kind of medicines are you taking? I'm always slightly sceptical about TCM because the quality control tends to be a bit iffy, unless it comes from a reputable source! But nooo I wouldn't overdo it if I were you... paracetamol, lots of water and sleep should be enough. No more prancing around with bunnies for you young lady. *patpat*

  3. Hey, i think better don't mix both together. NOt recommended by my doc when i tried asking her last time. You should noe the doc too, Dr Angline Lim. You take care of yourself, i just recovered from flu only. Luckily, i had her medicine just sent to me a few days ago. if not i thinnk now im still have blked nose.. Take care yah? And wear lots of warm clothing... Haoz

  4. Think maybe you burnt out. Pace yourself!
    Don't take both meds together. Either one, but not both... Z

  5. oh shite. yah i think you should lay off TCM... pls hor take care of yourself!

  6. Korzen for my sore throat (not working...) and herbal tea nonsense (cant read the chinese..) think im stopping the tea though, it tastes nasty.
    *shakes head* no more bunnies. they are all either on discount racks or in dry cleaners already.. easter is sooo over. maybe this is my post-easter hangover.=)

  7. im finishing my korzen!! wondering if it is worth asking mom to mail her medicine for me or should i go to drugstore and buy local brands? haha no yehao around to go running to the doc to pick up med for me..
    p.s. no more warm clothing. its warm here!!!

  8. thinking maybe its the candy actually!! no worries huns!

  9. opps... i had forgotten about that.. haha.. its turning cold here in canberra, i guess thats y i think its turning cold over there too..
    i guess just get it at the drugstore, perhaps her medicine come from USA too.. haha..
    and i miss that days with u around helping me to send things too..


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