Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter 2006

Early Sunrise service by Kingsmill Plantation & Easter Basket Deliveries with the adorable bunny

Bunny with the floppy ears, Kelly, Noel & Me! (we started deliveries at 5:50am!!)

Last eggy shot: My pink easter treats bucket from Kelly!! Thank you!!!

Easter Egg Hunt was a pretty sight as well with the whole lawn strewn with pastel easter eggs. (pity i didn't get any pictures) We were supposed to hide them but there was just too many eggs!! the whole lawn, herb garden, tulip bed, grassy slope leading to the patio had eggs covering them like little flowers.. it looked quite outta the world actually, like they were growing out from the grass... and it was lovely to see kids run around picking up eggs in little baskets. There were some real nasty greedy kids that came in plastic bags and tubs (guess its not just Singaporeans that behave that way??) but I was real touched when i sat the bigger kids offering to share their eggs with the little ones.. It really shows when the parents brought them up well..

now that the linens are counted, eggs boxed up for next year, easter baskets in grocery stores going at 25% of their original price, easter bunny suit sent to the dry-cleaners, we can finally take a short breather before the huge golf tournament starts in a few weeks... *phew*


  1. such a nice easter u had dear :) u're looking fabulous

  2. im looking damn round can!! my mum already gave strict instructions to lose weight..

  3. the bunny scares meeeeeee hahhahhaha
    eggs look damn good tho.

  4. hehe.. i know!! thats probably where all the extra calories came from! darn...


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