Wednesday, March 8, 2006

after coupla days of my "watch what you eat" regime, and had my first Krispy Kreme Doughnut Original Glazed HOT in Virginia!! totally delish and sinfully gratifying.. thank goodness i don't have any stores near home! *phew*

feeling all warm and cheery now! =)

and im off to Jazzercise right after work! its superbly fun(kinda like jazz mixed with aerobics) and best part is, its only 15 mins away from home! long and cold walk when i have 6am classes (tues & thurs) but otherwise, its a nice slow walk home into the sunset! *beams*

everything is fitting in perfectly and the sucky roomie issue is slowly fading into the background.


  1. whee!!! jazzercise sounds uber cool! beats seeing u do tae-bo~ hahahaha...glad u're adapting well...esp with tt yummilicious-sounding donut=)

  2. hehe.. certainly a relatively cheap way to put a smile on my face!! =) p.s. jazzercise has some taebo moves.. *hi-kicks*


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