Thursday, March 9, 2006

chilling out at home

am watching "along came polly" now.. and say all you like, i still think Jennifer Aniston has character!!and watching her roll her eyes at Ben Stiller when he said the peanuts had 17 people eating off it and its germy and all, i totally got how she feels!! hehe.. i always do that to zew. like when he brought his top selling water filter along to our redang beach hut retreat! *grins* and the silly boy wants to mail me a water purifier cos he doesn't want me buying water every other day. awww. such a schweet muffin i've got there! BUT ben stiller learnt salsa for her!! soooo touching, yes? *hint hint*

and today at lunch with my colleagues, *brace yourself people* randy told us he saw a women lick her knife and use the knife to dig the ketchup out from a bottle! ewwwww (and i totally put the bottle of ketchup i was holding...) If i actually see that, i probably would trudge over and tell her 'quit doing that unless you quite ready to bring home the whole bottle, lady!' so watch the bottled ketchups out there people!! you never know.

sitting here laughing at the bits in an awkward manner with my room-mate makes me feel really appreciative that tho i judge people too easily (i know..), im glad i didn' move out of here last week.

i'm happy.


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