Sunday, January 22, 2006

oops i've did it again...

darn.. i keep telling myself im getting older n should learn to slow down and enjoy being where i am. but when i think of how soon i be leaving this wonderful place and how many places i have yet to see and visit, i cant help but cram my pocketful of back to back activities..

my crazy schedule as of tuesday:
0900 Front office reservation examination (last one)
1015 Catch next train down
1330 Check in luggage at Geneve airport
1500 Fly to Barcelona

Wed: Barcelona

Thurs: Barcelona

1100 Leave Barcelona
1330 Reach Geneve
1530 Return to school
1600 Photo-taking in grad gown
1800 Graduation ceremony
2200 Fireworks

0615 Leave Caux Palace for good
0800 Check in at Geneve
1000 Leave Geneve for Zurich
1300 Fly Zurich-Singapore direct

0700 Reach home =)

dizzifying plans for the week ahead but i bet it will be fun!

exams so far so good. p.s. made a huge booboo for my F&B service exams when presenting the menu of the day. nothing im proud to announce online.. *sobs* cos my teacher reminds me everytime i go for meals now.



  1. you'll love barcelona babe! rem, don't take pics of the buskers unless you give them money, or they'd scream at you. :)


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