Monday, January 16, 2006

such talent!!

my cute roomie is amazing!! she slept from 3pm (yesterday) throughout the entire long noisy night (with my random visitor to use internet from my windowpane.)and just woke up at 8am to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner all at one go..

im gonna miss having her around!

F&B service tomorrow and i have memorized:

1) my cheeses >> chaume, tomme vaudois, etivah, stilton, bree, brebis au truffles, chevre nature (bb, the one u hate..)
2) warm beverages (cafe, cafe au lait, cuppucino, renverse, expresso, d.exp, ristretto, d.ristretto and tea) and how to make them
3)wine glasses (blah...)
4) wiwne list (only half done!!)
5) my menu in french (done!)


hope i won't get sweaty palm and drop my plates tomorrow.. *panic*

my dream guest order list:

entree: all soups
wines: none
mains: all chicken
cheese: none
dessert: no tiramisu!! (cos it comes in this huge cocktail glass.. hard to balance)
warm beverages: none or black tea all round

if anyone orders gambas (prawn: which requires finger bowl and empty plate for shells) or saumon (with bread and mustard sauce) or any wine that require me to change glasses, or cheeses. i will inflict my vilest curse upon them.

*fingers crossed*


  1. i'll have ten orders of gambas pls! *cackles* ;p u'll b fine babe, wow 'em all!

  2. aw man...i like the salmon=( hmm...ur roomie took breakfast for today, lunch and dinner for yday ah? tt muz be quite a bit of food...

  3. CHOI!!! *touch wood frantically* thanks for encouragement and have fun at the wedding.. oops is it over yet??

  4. Good luck!! *crosses fingers, toes, eyes* You're so lucky man, I wish I got to learn about food all the time... wanna do a swap?

  5. hey babe so how did ur F and B service go?

  6. boohoo.. i forgot one cheese and mixed one wine name with menu of the day name.. ah well.. crap. i guess im not meant to be much of a server material...


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