Tuesday, January 19, 2016

where would you live?

that day i found myself in a discussion with friends about the middle east. they were talking about sand dunes and malls and in my head i was debating if that was livable (conclusion - yes!) for our family. and then i realized we've been in singapore for so long! in fact, it's been the longest we've settled anywhere together....

and then this article - best places to live overseas popped up in my facebook. what an interesting list and i guess a reminder of how much we should be grateful for in singapore... 

that said... 
how about HERE, hubby!? 




  1. Don't goooooooo.... Not yet. And not without meeeeee!!! xxxx

    1. hahahhaha no la! :) just pretending! what WILL we do in maldives!? hahaha


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