Monday, January 18, 2016

the collins quarter in savannah

the only place we'd researched, all thanks to nihaonewyork, was collins quarter. i remembered her taggin' me in an instagram picture and bookmarking it. and it was unexpectedly welcoming. we even ate one less bacon at our hotel breakfast so we could fit an extra brunch in! 

so i was googling directions as we were walking (downtown savannah is tiny! everything within walking distance!), and first thing that popped up was "collins quarter shooting". *panic* and i really should NOT have read the article... so we asked for a seat nearer in from the window. but everything else was perfect. the place was airy and lightfilled and the little flowers, the marble, the coffee (we've had questionable coffee in NYC for days..)... then the menu arrived and it all made sense.... 

the menu was titled "BREKKIE". doh the collins quarter is aussie! styled after melbourne's collins street! why did we not join the dots!! bahahahahh we came across the world to eat in an aussie inspired restaurant! 

anyway, then brunch got WAY better because in came Zoe Saldana and family. and instantly forgot out goofyness and just turned into awkward MAJOR GOOFBALLS. they look fabulous of course and when we walked out, we were suitably star struck, especially D who is a huge fan! lol 

so that pretty much summed up our morning in Savannah! a celebrity sighting, an aussie coffee and really weird conversations with jen!! 


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