Monday, March 30, 2015

our littlest :: first visit to the dentist...

.... i know... his FIRST. only 1.5 years too late!! 

before you report us to child services, one of our close friend is a dentist and she's checked his teeth briefly whenever she comes to play with him. so we know there isn't something majorly wrong. but it took us a while to get around to making an appointment with the dentist. mostly because i was avoiding the massive dentist chair meltdown...

but after i made the appointment and started briefing blake on what to expect, he was surprisingly thrilled!! maybe he knew this playroom was waiting for him! 

we've been to doctors galore but this. hands down. best waiting playroom ever. 

i was asked a whole bunch of questions which we failed magnificently! do you help your child brush? no. how often does he brush? not very often. does he drink juice? yes. does he drink sweetened drinks? of course. how about cakes and sweets? have you met his grandparents!!! so we were set up for failure. 

BUT after the consult, his teeth was great! yay! the dentist predicts crowding when his adult teeth sets in (which we already knew...) but other than that, prescribed some toothpaste and off we went for a lesson in how to brush his teeth. it was cute and hilarious and a lot less stressful than i'd have imagined. 

as the nurses were saying farewell to blake, they quizzed blake on what he had learnt. 

nurses :: so blake, you're not allowed to eat as many sweeties.
b :: okaaay.
nurses :: what must you say when your popo and amma give you sweeties or biccies?
b :: i say "thank you very much!"

okay. dental health fail but at least we got the manners bit sorted out!! :)



  1. Hi, may i know which dentist is this as i am thinking of bringing my little one to one.


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