Friday, March 27, 2015

this week....

.. has been very exhausting. blake has been running a fever for a while. it would spike randomly leaving a limp ragdoll of a boy lying on my rug with a sick bag next to him and the next moment, he is up and confused why he's so hungry. and this whole time, while trying to hold up the fort at work, keep up with my appointments that i've lined up but am unwilling to reschedule. so it's been leaving me a little tired and impatient (mostly at blake).

anyway! it can only get better from here, eh!? just thought i direct my energy to a few things that actually make me happy! 

- for vacation/summer plans to come! 

- for a safe and peaceful country we call home. am sheepishly thankful that it has accepted our little mish-mash of family with open arms. and in this week of national mourning, my heart is heavy but grateful. thank you very much, mr lee. 

- for a school i feel safe to leave my only child in the care of. having him with made me realize how much both he and i need that constant in his life. 

- a quiet weekend to catch up with friends who are visiting! woohoo!

- yoga

- this crazy llaollao yogurt i inhaled this morning in the best company. i loved it! not sure i would wait for a super long time for it but i could eat that anyday! 

- for my parents who felt so sorry for sick blake they took turns making him happy and icing his forehead. he NEVER lets us do it. the magic of grandparents

- for coffee

- for family that you would willingly go through rough days for. 

have a peaceful weekend, loves...



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