Monday, December 15, 2014

tokyo :: yotsuya fire station

a huge and heartfelt thank you for all you awesome people who checked on me after the last post. sorry its so cloak and daggers. not intentionally so but its not my story to tell and so i shan't. but i really appreciate the hugs and coffees and kind words i've received. its just a little helpless to know that you will never do enough to make up for it. but c'est la vie.. 

anyway, onto happier things... 

i have more pictures from our recent tokyo adventures! and seeing as many of you are traveling to tokyo this holiday season, and have asked for recommendations, this one is a WINNER!! especially if you have little boys!

i mean look at that smile! :) its worth a million bucks!

this is at the tokyo fire museum, right above yotsuya sanchome station (on the maranouchi line). its hilarious because we used to live in the hood and would pass this illusive building all the time seeing families with young kids stream in and out every single day. we have never set foot in there... NEVER. 

and who knew that this would be the highlight of blake's trip!! he loved riding in the helicopter (a real one!) and fire truck!!! and tonnes of awesome emergency vehicles! and the best part is... it was dead empty and free!!! so super awesome and unexpected adventure for the morning!

i mean... how much sexier does it get! lol

there are 6 levels of fire vehicle related exhibitions, remote control games and mock up of homes and all that good stuff. something fun for everyone. we had a failed go at remote control fire-fighting.. not our calling. 

funniest fireman ever! :) 

so if you're looking for something fun and free to do in tokyo with your little boy, this would be your best bet!!!



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