Wednesday, December 10, 2014

taking stock again...

as we come to the end of the year, i find myself running around like a headless chook trying to sort parties, presents, coordinating family visits all at one go. even though it kills me that we're going to be stuck in the sweltering heat this year end, i know deep down that it was the right decision. there's a reason why we are meant to be here... there are a few friends who need us around and a few other important but less sexy things to deal with. it's too heartbreaking to talk about it. 

and i realize that i always feel like i need to take stock of my life in times like that. 
just to remind me of what's important. 
and what's not. 

making:: effort for my friends. 
cooking:: dinners again. i always start cooking when im stressed. you have to see the look of bewilderment when my boys see me in the kitchen 
drinking:: green juice. blake's latest obsession and probably a good thing for all of us.
reading:: nothing! gosh!! it's been a bookless year! 
wanting:: broken hearts and lives to be fixed. good people don't deserve to be hurt. 
looking:: for a smart way to remind myself to bring a brolly everywhere. been stuck in the rain a few too many times.
playing:: with train sets all day. 
sewing:: christmas stocking. i must!!
wishing:: peace and courage to our dear friend. and keeping her in our prayers every night!
enjoying:: the precious conversations i have to blake. 
waiting:: for our appointment to see an acupuncturist for muu. it sounds crazy. but we're trying everything now. 
liking:: my new exercise routine!!
wondering:: what next year will bring.
loving:: daniel. he is still the best thing in my life. 
hoping:: that more mums see this. the best gift you can give your child is a loving marriage. nothing else matters compared to that. nothing. i would raise my kid on dry cereal if it meant i spend more time with my husband. 
marveling:: how quick this year zoomed past and i remember not much but how little blake was when the year started!
needing:: a good and long back rub!
smelling:: lemongrass and lemon. daniel's concoction to recreate a thai spa which he swears is the reason why b's been sleeping in. in our house, we do EVERYTHING to keep a sleeping child asleep.

wearing:: my jammies even thought yoga starts in half hour. PANIC!
following:: the fashion blogs i used to love again! im inspired to dress up more this coming year.
noticing:: knowing:: thinking:: how grateful i am that im surrounded by the right people. 
bookmarking:: some recipes to try when my MIL is in town (which is soon!!)
opening:: advent calendar presents with b every morning is such a joy! can't wait for his countdown!
giggling:: at how the husband told me he got my christmas present for him sorted. all i need to do is wrap. lol
feeling:: very blessed. 



  1. Hi,

    Merry Christmas to you & your family!

    Is Muu not feeling well? Is it his legs? Have you tried the wobenzyme, my dog takes this every time she limps(normally when the weather is cold) and she normally back to normal after taking it for 2 days, so you might just want to try. She has been taking this for few years, she's 12 now.
    Hope Muu gets better soon!


    1. Ooooo we'll look into that! :) We've tried most meds that work for his size and was hoping a breakthrough!! Thanks again!! xx

  2. I hope your friend's situation gets better soon. Bless your big hearts too. Happy holidays!

    1. Happy Holidays to yall too honey!! *big big hugs!!*

  3. Love your comment on "hoping". Can't agree more.


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