Friday, December 26, 2014

tokyo toy museum.. again! :)

the last time we went to tokyo toy museum it felt a little rushed and crowded so this time, we were determined to go again on a weekday!

from the minute we got there, blake had such a blast!

there were tonnes of activities that worked on their fine motor skills. like this one where you find the color beads to form your own abacus! he loved digging his hands through the beads and watching them run through his fingers! 

and as usual, it was all about trains and tracks and moving vehicles!

we found him enjoying himself move in the little baby room (meant for kiddies from 0-3) it was a quieter and smaller area with less sophisticated toys. but he was more focussed and enjoyed the individual activities more! 

like this gorgeous wooden slide! such a beautiful space! 

staff and parents gathering around! i can see how this would be the perfect place for children to explore and for mums to get together! makes me wonder how my pregnancy group is coming along! they were such an awesome and supportive bunch!!

we ended the trip with some toys we picked out for some little friends of ours!! even though they're a little bit pricier than department stores, the quality and craftsmanship of each toy is unbelievable!

this is definitely one place i would love to bring blake back again when he's older! :) 

more information on tokyo toy museum on their website! its not far from shinjuku and off a main street so not too difficult to find!! 



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