Monday, December 29, 2014

our littlest :: first school report

our little bubba has been in school for half a year now and i dare say it has been the best thing we've done for him. it has given him a routine that we are unable to replicate at home, some amazing friends and has given him wings to grow up independently without being babied. we can't recommend it more if you have a bubba with a personality like ours. 

we were recently invited to his parent teacher meeting. and completely cracked up. because it sounds so legit and so real school when actually, its just a playschool!? we laughed about it and thought of hilarious questions to fill the 10 mins we were allocated with each language teacher like "what career do you think he's best suited for? will you vote for him for president? we're thinking molecular chemistry next year, what do you think?" of course we were just kidding. 

so we just rocked up already in half giggles because our friends went ahead of us and the teachers did the most darling thing (warning, first kid. so everything is darling.) they made the most adorable video of his school story and what they've been up! and man do these teachers pack things in!! it all looks very well thought of and many things that he talks about and does at homemake total sense!!

here's the little report we got ::

behavior :: bubba is an opinionated and cheeky boy. all his teachers point out that he is a little smartypants and has no qualms pushing boundaries. he's not the biter and hitter in class but will never lose in a fight. the only time he gets sent in naughty corner is fighting over toys. he gets along great with his classmates (especially the cheeky japanese boys!) but they all switch to english when communicating with him. he is affectionate with his teachers (as we've seen) and is quick to apologize or tell off the other kids when they're not in line. we were tasked to allow him to focus on the task at hand. and introduce the concept of consequences (ie if you finish coloring, you get to play.)

language :: he's very developed in speech and has hit the milestones set out for him. teachers also noted that his speech pattern is very adult and as a result, follows instructions very easily. blake is effectively bilingual can use his words very efficiently and swap between languages with ease. we were asked to continue reading to him and cultivate a love for both mandarin and english. also, he will start japanese class twice a week with his mates.

physical :: very game to try something new. 

eating & napping :: no issues.


so yay! that's a summer of his nib's first year in school! we can't wait to start next year and see all the exciting plans the teachers have for them. hats off to them for handling these kids so amazingly and coming up with so many events and excursions. i often complain about the amount of work we put into the crafts, parties or chaperoning the excursions. but truth is, i rather they have that than not! 

so yayy! well done, babyboy!



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