Wednesday, December 3, 2014

koyo spotting in tokyo

one of the things the japanese are very enthusiatic about are seasonal changes. each and every retailer will come up with seasonal specials, restaurants, snacks, clothing and accessories... and everyone enthusiastically jumps on board and celebrated the change in season. 

some of those trends are plain weird, like a cold minty soak in hot summer or fish flavored desserts. but its probably not them... its me! :) one of our favorite thing though is watching the fall leaves! 

think of it as the less popular cousin of cherry blossom festivals! but the locals take it very seriously! nearing THE golden time each year, you see artists bring their easels outdoors, perch on little stools and spend the whole day camped out with their hot thermal flasks!

and like most things in japan, they have a rating for best koyo viewing spots! :) its on the outer gardens of meiji-jingu around the baseball stadium! we used to ride past here everyday!

this trip we were a wee bit early so some of the trees were still green but still pretty and nothing like what blake has been before!

he had the best time stomping on leaves and rolling in them (and probably dog poo! we used to bring muu here a lot!) its such a nostalgic place to revisit!! in fact, my screensaver is still a picture of daniel and muu right here about 3 years ago! :) 

oh bubba, this could have been our stomping ground!!



  1. Stunning pictures! Must see it one day ;)

    1. and go down to nikko to see the real stuff in the mountains! SO stunning!! :)

  2. Nice photos, may I know your camera brand and model? - Vivien

  3. Thanks Vivien - we are using a Nikon D750 with a 35mm 1.8G lens. Daniel


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