Thursday, December 4, 2014

everyone needs a super packer in the family!!

one of the best things that daniel does for our family is pack our bags.

which doesn't sound like a lot but imagine pre-trip, all i need to do is pull the things i want to wear and leave them in a pile and then go to bed and the next morning, POOF! organized and rolled and in sections! same for blake's things. and then there're the boring things like headphones and chargers and toothbrush, they will magically end up in the bag!! :) so brilliant right?

but that doesn't stop me from being cheeky about things. 

like i'd occasionally tease him about things he forgot to pack (which is very rare), or random extra things he packed just in case (like extra ziplock bags or an extra tube of baby powder.) or "how dare you not bring an extra packing bag for my shopping!?!" so this trip i found a stash of black gloves and bossily went "AH HAH! why did you bring TWO pairs of gloves." to which he incredulously responded "in case your hands were cold!". dawww what a sweetiepie! and there were black mini gloves in there somewhere for the other munchkin too!!

i totally married the right guy!! hah! 

p.s. he took this picture of us chilling out at bedtime with his new camera's remote control thingmajig. not the most flattering angle but we look so in love! :) 



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