Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in tokyo :: wandering around with bubba

when you're in tokyo, you can't dodge the shopping.. we individually had our personal favorites and shopping list to work on and honest to god, blake is not a regular shopping bubba. when we're home, i'd shop while he's in school or we take turns to pop out after he goes to bed! 

so i was a little nervous!! but he did us proud! 

im not going to lie, couldn't have done it without bribes!! we always had some sort of snack or toy and when push come to shove, there was an iphone loaded with cartoons! 

this store in the backlane of harajuku was hilarious! we got these adorable wooden vehicles as omiyage for boys and bunny toothbrush for girls!! 

but we got through tokyo without feeling too deprived! and he willingly napped on the go which is so  rare and quite surprising! so when he did, we would run into all the least kid friendly restaurants and celebrate!!

what's a trip without ichiran right?

he LOVED their noodles with an extra serve of onsen tamago!!! hurray!! we might need to leave him at home next time if he didn't like ichiran! 

fall leaves outside shinjuku gyoen!

i really miss dressing up in the cold.. all those awesome boots, layers and scarves!! everytime i look at the clothes we have in storage, my heart breaks a bit... maybe its a sign that we have to travel more then! :) 

sigh... tokyo! if only you knew how much i'd love you till forever... 

p.s. this might be an appropriate moment to talk about an issue i get emailed (or asked about) very often. i do acknowledge that the japanese press hasn't been very upfront with statistics or possible side effects of radiation. or that you might know a friend of a friend who went to tokyo and couldn't get pregnant for ten years (firstly, it hasn't been ten years since the earthquake. and secondly, urm what?) but we lived in tokyo through the earthquake and for almost two years following it. blake was conceived and for most part of his pregnancy, we ate, drank and lived tokyo. so we think its ok for us to go back and visit. but that's just us and not representative of any well-researched radiation report. but if it makes you or some part of your family nervous, maybe best to stay away cos, y'know? you never know!! :) 



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