Monday, December 22, 2014

indoor playgym in tokyo skytree - kodomo no yu

the last time we were visiting, a girlfriend recommended visiting tokyo skytree. it did sound very touristy and we didn't even get to go to tokyo tower when we lived there even though we worked so close! so we were suspicious...

but we were out shopping in akachanpo in kinshicho (so awesome!) and spotted tokyo skytree up close. so since we didn't have plans we thought why not!? 

we walked down this charming backlane in blind faith that we'd get there!! it did look closer than it was but the weather was gorgeous and blake fell asleep on our walk there... 


so we went for an awesome sushi train lunch and ate slowly! it was infinitely yummier without blake trying to eat everything off my plate!

and then kept sleeping so we could check out the christmas market, stores and even pick up coffee!! such a nice treat!!!

so we thought we'd give him a little surprise when he woke up....

a THIS kind of surprise!

i won't kid. it was pretty awesome for us too! a spa-theme indoor play gym with the prettiest ball pen called kodomo no yu (more details and pictures on their website) and the theming is just perfect!! 

they had a parents area filled with  magazines and massage chair so you can watch your kid run around while you chill out and get a massage, and small toys around for younger babies to crawl around on the tatami.

and a play area for older kiddos to play pretend. this is blakie running a sushi stall...

and running his own takoyaki store! it was so much fun it was hard to get him to leave! we loved how well maintained the toys were and the staff were very attentive and helped keep an eye on blake! there were also "bathroom" style lockers for you to chuck your things so you can go handsfree for a while. a very welcomed break from a whole day of shopping!

a definitely must if you're in the neighborhood!! :)

there are also tonnes of restaurants, cute souvenir stores and our favorite burger joint - kuaina burgers has an outlet there too! so when in doubt you can have a dose of hawaii!! 



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