Monday, November 17, 2014

one of those lazy evenings...

when blakie was littler, i used to diligently organize little playdates, explore playgrounds and plan classes for him! somehow with school filling most of his day, i find myself stuck with a small pocket in the evening with blake. it's usually such a short and precious chunk of time that i've had to give up my need to do something new or different and just go with the flow. 

and this is how we usually end up!! at the laundromat! :) 

not specifically the laundromat all the time. but anything that catches his fancy. sometimes its an extra long walk to see turtles on our way home, sometimes we make up an adventure at the supermarket. and somedays, we round up one of his little pal and do something simple and easy! in picture is one of his favorite little pal, luli. 

there's something special about luli and blake. they behave like twins. they have their own odd sense of humor. love mirroring each other, bicker like married couples.. they are the funniest little friends! 

that evening, we were suckered into a boat ride down the river ($3 only!) we had no clue where we were headed frankly but it was part of the charm!! 

they had such a fabulous time floating by the river, pretending they spotted fishies, laughing at the merlion and piggybacking across the bridge that we stretched bedtime a wee bit more so they could have dinner together by the boardwalk at esplanade. we also caught up with daniel who then turned into a babysitter chasing the kiddos around! win-win situation!

just watching them play made such a perfect evening. i will forever be grateful for these little things in life. 



  1. Hi, may I know where is this boat ride? TIA

    1. along the singapore river! you can board at clarke quay/robertson quay!


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