Tuesday, November 18, 2014

do what you love. always.

i've been thinking recently... about life and about decisions we make in life. 

as we get older, and more set we are in our routines. we put aside more and more of what made us special for other priorities that pop up in life. your partner, your family, savings, career... and not before long, you neglect the person you once were and lose that passion in life. 

more often than not, you end up making practical decisions. you make excuses for not doing what makes you happy. and in turn, it eats into your happiness. and it take a life changing event for you to put it all down and make drastic changes. 

but why do we need that one big push in life? why can't we already live life with passion. and excitement and always chase after what makes us happy?! 

we're sure as hell gonna throw caution in the wind and start living by that motto. cos we're young. and free. and so blessed to have health. just typing it out make me super excited to put our plans in place and start living it! :) 



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