Monday, October 27, 2014

morning with the allenders

i was trying to get my christmas cards organized and going through the pictures we have taken so far this year! there are some really nice ones but guess who is in most of them!? there were hardly any with daniel in the picture and not a single one of us all together!! 


so we got kerry, a friend of ours, to come hang out with us so we could capture just ONE shot that sums up our year. no pressure, right? we already have enough pictures of the kiddo (who is totally a ham in front of the camera) but focus on us awkward adults and oh! while you're at it, our anti-social dog! and make us look awesome, thanks!!

we thought long and hard how best to capture the family. and even though a session in one of the parks popped in my head, the effort of carting the troops, props, outfits just seem too daunting. and contrived. so kerry proposed coming to our place which was perfect!

... THIS perfect!! 

the home is our new baby this year and we have not had proper pictures taken! so all in one shoot! and since bubsie is the most charming in the am, we sheepishly asked if she minded coming in right when he wakes up at wait for it....

SEVEN am!! and bless her heart, she did!! and captured blake wide awake and hungry. and our entire brekkie routine. even this adorable shot of toasties with vegemite and butter. for some very odd reason, i hold this picture very close to my heart!

i think what's brilliant about the whole shoot is the celebration of the ordinary and the everyday. no fancy make up, no awkward sweaty posing although daniel did have to put on a top. but this shot pretty much sums up my every morning...

this little silly muffin got to be in tonnes of pictures too!

she posted a sneak peek of our session shortly after we said bye (i believe blake was still in school when she did!!) and i about DIED. i immediately bugged her to send it to me and ordered my cards online that very evening. no mucking around. and the rest of these shots were just the icing on the cake!

too precious, my little one!

kerry, who recently started red bus photography, is the bees knees. she was in and out with no fuss, quickly got a feel for our kids and our place, quietly tucked our mess out of the way(!!) and was done within an hour as promised! we weren't even late for school!! 

if you're keen to do a mini-session with her, she has a christmas promo ($300) for 10 images which doesn't sound like a lot but when they're amazing, that's all you need. especially recommended if you have your own camera... otherwise, go for the full session! it'll look great for newly-wed, home-coming for babies or just a lifestyle shoot of your family!! 

now i wish i had some of us when blake was littler, mornings were so different and so much calmer, that crazy kiddo! thanks for coming to hang out, kerry! lots of kisses!!



  1. this is soooooo precious!

  2. Love these! such sweet memories for you!

  3. The whole family is so photogenic!!
    I would love to do this too! But.... wrong country! :(

    1. hahah when you're back! :) rusty would love to be star of the show!! xx


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