Monday, October 20, 2014

in sydney :: grounds of alexandria

we decided that we'd wanted to go out on a playdate with erica and her babies! and thought to keep things as simple as possible so its less drama. and grounds of alexandria seemed to fit the bill. 

firstly, it was out of the city so parking would be easier, has a petting zoo, playarea and a nice restaurant that would be great on a weekday! have a fun morning to run around...


we picked the worst morning ever! it was a random weekday morning but it was school holiday that week for aussie kids so everyone and their mothers were there!! it took us 50 mins going around the block, while promising blakie some sheep to pat, to find a spot. and even when we did, it took us another 20 minutes to walk there! yikes.

and even though we made a reservation, we were so late and it was so jammed packed that we had to wait. but that said, it wasn't anyone's fault at this point. 

cutie tristan makes everything all better!

the grounds was jammed packed. and we had a great time running around but it was mayhem trying to keep everyone's babies and parents in check! but that said, the animals were darling and there were little stalls selling lemonade and bread to make the wait better. 

the food was pretty decent but it started storming so everyone wanted to take shelter! so we felt a little rushed throughout breakfast. and were even told that we had to order desserts to stay even though we had coffees on the way. and the kiddies got fidgety so they wanted to splash around in muddy puddles but they shut our sliding door so they couldn't. which in turn shut of the nice light and air flow. but maybe they didn't want them bringing the rain in... 

guess what? they did anyway! :) these cheeky monkeys figured away to walk around the restaurant to another side door to get their hands and toes wet... i miss watching them play!

and of course next thing we knew, EVERYTHING was wet!! hah!

anyway, we still had a great time with our friends even with the patchy service. but we'll know to visit during off-peak hours next time!! :) 



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