Thursday, September 11, 2014

diy :: cute animal lamp ikea hack

so the story goes... i ordered "blake" a lamp that i've been really excited about for ages! isn't this lamp so cute? 

anyway because we require it to be compatible to the local voltage, it will take a couple months to be ordered and then shipped to singapore. and to a little guy, he does NOT get the concept of "pre-order" or "international shipping", so he has been asking me everyday for a bunny lamp.

so i decided that i'll give it a go... im sure you're familiar with these inexpensive $5 ikea lamps.

and this is all that you need. either washi tape or a permanent marker.

this is what i initially came up with... my girlfriend and co-worker, sharon helped out and also advised me on the long ears.. so we ended up with a....

bear/dog instead! :) lol 

blakie loves it and since have stopped bugging me for the bunny lamp. MAYBE that means that i can keep it in MY room! *yeeeeaaahhhhh*



  1. How do you always find such cute things?!

  2. Too cute! I brought a pink lamp like this a few months ago. Time to give it a cute little makeover. Thanks for sharing.


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