Tuesday, September 9, 2014

party prep :: peppa pig

remember how i smugly told blake he would have his own party when he could tell me what he wanted and who he wanted to invite.. till then, he's just going to have to go with whatever we decide? 
well.. i was kinda expecting to get away with a couple more years. 

but with school, he's been introduced to the world of yummy chocolate cakes, special birthdays and little favor gifts. and he's been so charmed about this whole deal that he's pretty specifically told us :: 

"blakie's birthday. his school mates (he names each one of them..). peppa pig. many many balloons. blow candles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"


oh well! so we will organize a small little do in school. and thought to give something to his little pals to share his love for the english-speaking pig that jumps in muddy puddles. picked up 30 of these board books from a local bookstore...

and wrapped it pretty. 

bought a tonne of balloons, probably a helium tank so we can surprise him with a roomful of balloons in the morning. that's it, right? cake with little peppas. and that's it right?

p.s. can't believe babypig is turning two! its like we've had him since forever!! 



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