Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the art of negotiation ..

our little darling is quite a firecracker. and the things that he says are downright HILARIOUS! he has mastered the art of persuasion. instead of throwing a tanty, he knows that we're better with words so out comes the puppy dog eyes, the "yes. please, mommy?", the almighty "love you, mommy" and my favorite of them all, he pries his eyes open and says "BIG eyes, mommy!" 


this is a conversation we had just the other day negotiating for extra biscuits. 

cookie monster :: mommy, more bikkie please?
me :: you already had 12 (!!). one last one and no more bikkie. 
cookie monster (as he inhales the bikkie in 2 seconds) :: no more bikkie... ok. 
cookie monster (does a small lap of the house and turns back) :: no more bikkie. mommy, *饼干?"

heh! and then he moves on to yogurt, milk and then fruit! :) 
the joys of having a toddler, eh?!

*饼干 is biscuit/cookie in mandarin... :)



  1. Yes. The joy of having children and them calling you "mummy". Enjoy the moment. They grow up very fast! ^^

  2. So clever! Mummy says no bikkie but she didn't say no 饼干 right? :P

    1. I see that he has convinced you!! :) very persuasive eh?


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