Monday, June 23, 2014

mom genes...

this article on nytimes made me think about my mom. when i was a wee little girl, i would dig into her make up, dip my fingers excitedly in pots of cream and palette of colors and paint my face with the most beautiful shades.. i knew very little about make up back then but i knew that when i grew up, i wanted to own all of that and more! :) 

little has changed since then! whenever we go back to my mom's. i LOVE it because that meant that i could raid mom's collection of everything! from clothes to jewellery (her ring collection is TO DIE FOR!!!), her craft scraps... and like she did when i was little, she'd generously say "take it! i don't need it." i need to learn that quality from her. 

this wraparound kimono of hers is my favorite... 

she generously gave it to me before my wedding to wear while i got my make up done. and told me how she bought it for herself when they first moved to scotland, poor students earning a little bit of pocket money from a chinese restaurant nearby. i've never had to earn my keep in the same way but i can totally appreciate why she's kept this piece in such great condition till today! i think of her a lot when i wear it! 

i never returned it to her. hehe! and plan to hold on to it till forever! :) 

thanks mama! i love you! 



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