Wednesday, June 11, 2014

dads we love :: daniel the super dad!

just the other day, we were at a really busy road junction walking to blake's school. and as we do, we were having the most glorious conversations! suddenly he goes "ooooo!!! ooo!!! papa!" and points to a random dude across the road on a bicycle and started waving "HELLO!! papa!". and then "papa" rode away from him without any response because well.. simply cos he wasn't his papa. 

anyway, to make him better, i asked him, "blake, what color is papa wearing today?" and he rightfully said "black." "and yesterday?" "black." and to himself.. he said "black black black black BLACK!" 
heh! exactly how i feel about daniel's wardrobe! lol

BUT the one time he is not wearing black, we caught it on camera! yayyy!! :) 

daniel is featured in the june edition of mother & baby in an article about being a dad and how he maintains his training and stays fit! we are super proud of him and i think its time to go shopping for some red pants, don't you think!? :) 

thanks for the article, melissa! we had tonnes of fun! 



  1. Replies
    1. he's FAMOUS!!! :) now he can quite and we can make money off his face! JUST KIDDING!!!

  2. So sweet! I love it. Go, go Daniel! :)

    1. isn't it so cute that he gets some attention on father's day!? :)


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