Thursday, June 12, 2014

our littlest :: making a chicken outta nothing at all...

so now that blake is in playschool, he occasionally comes home with "homework"! before you freak out and think that we are shoving worksheets down his throat, we are not. and even i wanted to, he won't even sit still long enough to complete his sentence!! but he's come home with little "show and tell" tasks or to bring in beans and craft materials for a project in school.

but last week, he came home with a note requesting or parent-involvement to create a craft project, supporting his school theme of the month - garden! each group has their own category and in the toddler group, we are in charge of TREES and BIRDS! :) i was still with the program till this point.. until i read the bit that said "with recyclable materials". wuuuuutttt!!! im like the least eco-friendly crafter ever! i love new fabrics, jump at every opportunity to buy tools and am happiest in a craft store.. i have to make something out of nothing? coupled with the fact that daniel is a complete minimalist. anything we don't need the very next day is chucked out by sunrise. which means we don't have empty jars, bottles and regular recycled material like that! 

thankfully, i have a secret stash of paper bags, some newspaper and an old shirt! made homemade glue outta things we had in the pantry... yay! and after consulting blake, he wanted a chicken! the least cool bird in the family. and got really busy with the craft while i kept him busy with some toys. 

then.. i felt bad. and thought.. maybe parent involvement didn't mean i keep the kid out of the picture!! so i set up the craft on the floor so he could help with the dipping of the newspaper, and maybe muck around with the goo a little. sounded like a cute idea until about 2 seconds after we started! 

i found myself having to pry blake AND muu away from the newspaper & glue covered chicken because they both wanted a lick of it. WHAT THE WHAT? how did i end up with such crazy boys!? when will i ever be able to craft with them in a martha-stewart civilized fashion! gahhh!!

so i removed the pot of glue from the floor, left the floor in a permanently sticky state and completed the project on my own with him occasionally peeking up to see what im up to!! and it turned out completely adorable!

i did let my compulsive obsessive guard down a little so blake could add a few "finishing touches" to the craft! he's so proud of it he lugs it everywhere and wants to show it to anyone who cares!! 

and that my dears, is my idea of "parent-involvement"! :) 



  1. I totally hear you on the compulsive obsessive bit. it takes a bit of time to let old habits die. And they don't go down without a fight. Heh. Don't ask me how i know.

    1. heh!! his school thanked me for my effort in his craft! i guess they KNOW!!!


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